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Sungro "blue grade" professional peat available, trades?


Sarracenia freak
If anyone is interested in trying out this stuff, i'd be open to trades for gallon bags. Looking for helis or utrics(anything but the super common ones), or uncommon pings or sundews.. or nifty Sarracenia that I don't already have.. Just make me an offer. 1 gallon bag will fit per standard 6 x 6 x 7 priority box.

The peat really is amazing stuff.. I've been using it all year. Its completely different then normal peat once you get your hands on it and use it. Fluffier, longer fibers and not as decomposed/broken down.. Is more "spongy" when wet, lighter brown in color.. It doesnt turn to dark "mud" like normal peat. But its not exactly like LFS either. Somewhere in between. So far has proven to be great for my south american drosera and other more delicate plants. Also lasts much longer before needing repotting. Jerry Addington(who I buy it from since this peat isnt available on the retail market) has been using it exclusively for many years and swears by it. Says his the quality of the potting media lasts a good 2-3 years instead of having to repot annually with normal peat. And if AW also has better luck using it, then there's gotta be something to it. lol.

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