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Stumbled upon Drosera paridise while hiking.

I went on a hike today and found a bog that is loaded with Drosera rotundifolia. Their was plants everywhere, and nice sphagnum too.
mini-power line bog 032.JPG

mini-power line bog 034.JPG

mini-power line bog 037.JPG

mini-power line bog 038.JPG

mini-power line bog 042.JPG

mini-power line bog 046.JPG

Floating sphagnum islands.
mini-power line bog 050.JPG

mini-power line bog 055.JPG

This guy was a good foot above the water on top of that stick.
mini-power line bog 061.JPG

mini-power line bog 066.JPG

I was blown away by how many, and the places they were growing. Was a nice suprise to find this today:boogie:
That is so awesome!! and growing all over wood too, thats cool.. Never seen that before..
WOW growing right on the log!
Sweet! Especially like the one on the log.
Always a cool feeling stumbling upon a undisclosed, wild location like that.
Great find, this is an amazing site!
That would be the best walk ever. As everyone had already stated, the log is amazing!