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Strange Blackened Area

Hi all,
Today I noticed a strange blackened region on my Nepenthes sanguinea. Although I did accidentally drop a sheet of glass on it a few days ago, it was only a glancing blow and did not cause any visible damage at the time. Can anyone tell me if this is some kind of pest or disease? It's especially troubling because it is occurring near the growth point. Thanks.

Thats pretty strange, if it was rot Id expect it to be coming from the base of the stem and up.
Maybe the glass did in fact hit it harder than you thought? You might not have seen any damage if it cut the plant in someway, because the damage would have remained green for a good period of time afterwards.

Dunno, Im sure a more experienced grower than I will chime in soon.
Im almost 100% positive it could have been from the glass drop. Ive had many
accidents like that where it LOOKED like the plants werent harmed in any way, but days later they showed severe bruising.

Either that, or you have some root rot. Might wana have that checked out
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