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Starting a ceph planted terrarium


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It's still in the beginning stage but I was inspired by mobile's thread and decided to copy:boogie:



I have a bubbler underneath it all. Didn't know if I would use it to suck excess water out or blow bubbles. Still up in the air. The current peat is washed, as is the sand but I'm not confidant the sand was thoroughly washed so I may start over. Other than that I just feel like I need to add another 4 inches of soil mix. Is there anything I am missing?

Soil mix is sand/peat

The plant setup will be a few:
Any other suggestions?

Thanks is for your input
Avoid the use of utrics. IMO they'll eventually overrun the media.
I think that you need the media depth to be greater. Utricularia add some interest and make a nice display, think hard first about which ones you want though, as once they have established they are impossible to remove. Martin Hingst has a beautiful Cephalotus tank here: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=24332
I have added almost twice the soil now. The middle is about 1" deep. The sides are up to 7 ish.


Thanks for your feedback!

I almost considered Martians middle mound setup, but I still favor the mounds on the sides.
My soil depth is approximately 3" at the front and 6" at the back peaks.
martins tank

not sure if this is allowed.
moderators can remove this post if necessary. just though this pic was amazing.

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holy crap thats a fat pile of cephage!!!! :O
I think I've read where some people where successful using those ceramic balls you have in the bottom of the tank.
I think it's a 25 lbs box of those I have and was going to use on my CP's....
Made a few test pots up. Killed everything I put in with them.
They work great on my orchids.... I only have 5. That 25 lbs box is gonna last me a long time....
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I'm loving this thread right now.
Too many empty tanks here, with all the ingredients needed.
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I had the same itch. Then when I seen mobiles thread that was it!

Still playing around with the plants. Cephs will be the main plants. What other plants do you think would look good in the tank?

Mobile, what Utics would you recommend?

Elgecko, how did you pot the plants with the clay pellets? Is it similar to my setup?
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Nice!! I can see into the future when that tank will be all mossy and coated with cephs! Good luck!
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Straight pellets.
I wanted to see what the reaction would be. The pellets are to be inert, maybe mine where contaminated. They where rinsed before use.... plants died in days.

On the other hand here is another experiment I tried with straight lava rock. Plants did fine.

Maybe you want to use an extra D.capensis and plant it in the pellets and see what happens for you before placing any prized plants in there.
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It'd look good with pings. They like to spread via division.
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Sound advise. I have a few capes laying around.

I read that they were inert. I had to rinse mine off a lot before the water ran clear. Looked like I was making chocolate milk!!
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Nice!! I can see into the future when that tank will be all mossy and coated with cephs! Good luck!
Thanks. That's what I'm hoping for.

It'd look good with pings. They like to spread via division.

I was just looking at pings. I love the idea of Utics flowering around the tank but pings also flower often and without the invasive quality of Utics. I am leaning toward pings now.
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On the other hand here is another experiment I tried with straight lava rock. Plants did fine.

Do you think using lava rock rather than pellets would work with a ceph tank?
I only ask because I have a large bag of lava rock just sitting out back.
Wanna make this happen.
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I was considering starting over after seeing the lava rock comment. I believe I am going to keep my course. I believe if you rinse off the Hydroton well it should be safe for cp's. Plus I am using them for the drainage properties and will get rid of the excess water. A few roots may wonder down there but I hope al will be well.
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I use clay pebble (LECA) in the base of my Cephalotus tank, under the weed suppressant membrane, and have not experienced any problems. I also have them as an additive in some of my Nepenthes mixes and as crocking in the bottom of some CP pots, again with no issues. I have however tried it as a drip ring hydroponics medium for Nepenthes and the plant didn't like it, though I suspect that's more to do with it being in hydroponics rather than the LECA. I can only vouch for the brand that I use though, as I have no experience with others.

Martin Hingst, who's tank is pictured earlier in this thread, has Seramis in his mix and at the base, which is another fired clay product.