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Hi all,

i would like to expand my collection a bit more with the following plants:

Genlisea hispidula (only with location)
Genlisea margarethae
Genlisea violacea (only with location)
Genlisea aurea (only with location)

Drosera tomentosa (especially the Form from Morro Do Jambeiro)
Drosera ascendens (only with location)
Drosera hirtella var. hirtella / var. lutescens
Drosera graminifolia
Drosera chrysolepis
Drosera tentaculata
Drosera glabripes (only with location)
Drosera hilaris (only with location)
Drosera zeyheri
Drosera cistiflora (only with location)
Drosera cistiflora "red flower"
Drosera variegata
Drosera liniflora
Drosera dielsiana
Drosera burkeana (only with location)
Drosera pilosa (only with location)
Drosera kaieteurensis (Chimanta Tepui)
Drosera roraimae (only with location)
Drosera pauciflora
Drosera flexicaulis
Drosera madagascariensis (only with location, not from Okvango Delta)
Drosera grantsaui
Drosera schwackei

Seeds of Drosophyllum and Ibicella.

If someone should really have some spares of these plants, please let me know! Fyi, i am from germany.