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Some kind of fungus or pest maybe? Help identifying would be appreciated.

Hello everybody willing to take time out of there day to worry about my problem lol I have a N. Burbidgae as well as about 30 other nepenthes. But my burbidgae is the only one I've noticed this level or severity of spots. Any help is appreciated.

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First instinct is thrips or mites. This is not cercospora damage.
I’m going to guess thrips. Look under the leaves for fast moving bugs. If you don’t see any, lightly blow around the stem to see if anything runs out.

Search for thrip images online. I’m dealing with them right now on my Nepenthes. Didn’t check my new plants and found them a few days later. Currently treating with Acephate.

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Thanks everybody for the replies I was thinking of getting a pesticide just to keep my collection safe. Would you guys say neem oil is better or a systemic? I know as per bug but what would you say would be better in what situation personally.
I would use a systemic. If thrips, neem oil may not be effective enough. Acephate is also known as Orthene.

Acephate works on a wide range of pests. It can be directly sprayed onto the leaves, top and bottom. It is absorbed by the plant and kills the pest over a long period of time. It also works as a contact spray. I would not spray inside the traps/pitchers.

I’m starting my second treatment in 2 days. I plan on doing 4.

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