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    Ailing Darlingtonia Diagnosis

    I got this cobra lily back in June and it sent up two new pitchers. I noticed the red spots on the pitchers and assumed it was just bugs inside or they were getting slight bruising from something. But recently the red has been forming on new growth along with new growth starting to brown or not...
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    Nepenthes is sick and possibly dying.

    Hello, about 10 months ago I received a Nepenthes Glandulifera × Talangensis. I set it on a west facing windowsill with a few hours of direct sunlight. Temps are around 80F to 85F (90+ on hot days) with night Temps being 60F to 75F. Humidity is around 50 percent during the day and 70 to 80...
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    Some kind of fungus or pest maybe? Help identifying would be appreciated.

    Hello everybody willing to take time out of there day to worry about my problem lol I have a N. Burbidgae as well as about 30 other nepenthes. But my burbidgae is the only one I've noticed this level or severity of spots. Any help is appreciated.