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Some Drosera Issues

I have clump of drosera (needs identifying) potted in 100% peat moss. The problem I'm having involves some leaves turning a red-redish brown coloration which lack the dew that characterizes sundews. I have the plant in a terrarium that gets upwards of 18k lumens of light. I guess I just need to know how fix the miscoloring and the lack of dew. I also heard of how some drosera get a black center, which is supposedly the build up of some acidic elements any tips? Some of the plants flowered but the flowers, to my knwledge, never opened.
without pics it's tough to make a proper assessment, but sounds like it's just too darn hot. Especially if the flowers are burning up before opening..
Also impossible to identify it without seeing it.
It could be a number of factors.

The conditions may not be ideal for the species (e.g. too hot). Some species will do better in airier mixes, long fiber sphagnum or live Sphagnum.

It could be bad water or bad peat moss. John Brittnacher and Bob Ziemer are saying they have experienced salt or mineral content in bales of consumer grade peat moss. What is the source of your water?

Do the flowers abort or you just don't see them open but otherwise seem to develop normally? Many Drosera flowers are ephemeral and are open for less than an hour. You may just be missing them when open. A few like D. spatulata var gympiensis the flowers often do not open (but will still produce seed).

Some Drosera will crap out after flowering. They may or may not bounce back, it depends on the species and the overall health of the plant.

Identifying the species may help.
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Looks like D. spatulata, D. natalensis/venusta/dielsiana. I'm inclined to D. spatulata from the flower scapes. Actual flowers would be more definitive.

Are the flowers aborting or you are not seeing them open? Are they hitting the lights? What are you terrarium temperatures like?
I think the flowers aborted the the same thing happened to my D. tracyii the plant itself is doing fine but the flowers never budded this spring after they left dormancy. But to the problem plant. The terrarium temps dont get that high, Ive cut the light output by half resulting in~ 9000 lumens and Ill see how that goes for a week. As for the flowers the petals are there I can see them I just never see them open and there are quite a few flowers on the plants. I also put some computer heat sink fans on my build pics below.
The lights im using are the 65watt florescant lights you can pick up from lowes, the light temp is 6500k and they put out ~4500 lumens each, four of them makes ~18k lumens.
what are the temps?
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I would wager 70-85 degrees. What is a decently accurate way to measure the temps?
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a thermometer..
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well yes, but a glass mounted one, like the sticker you put on a fish tank, or air temp or soil temp. What methed?
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Sounds more and more like D. spatulata. These typically crap out for a lot of growers after one or two years growth, usually after flowering. Just reseed the pots to keep your colony going.

A terrarium is unnecessary for these species. Just grow them on a shelf under lights or even on your windowsill or outdoors depending on your climate and situation. Same goes for the South African rosetted species.

Again, what is your water source?
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The water source is the gallon sized jug of distilled water from wal-mart.
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Do you wash the peat before using it? Some peatmoss producers add fertilizers in their products. Washing the media will help.

And try to put a little bit of hot water in the certer or brownish plants. Just a drop, or 2. This method resolve my brown/solid drosera rosette centers problem.

Hope this will work for you! :)