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Sold most of my plants and have a new setup going on (PICS)


Agent of Chaos
Howdy. I previously had a 20 gallon terrarium and a growlight which I used to make a greenhouse style terrarium. However, I'm planning on moving to California next year and therefore needed to remove my carnivorous plant collection.

This was my previous terrarium:



I sold most of my plants but kept a Cephalotus, some cuttings of Pinguicula Caerulea, Pinguicula Agnata, and Drosera Aliciae.

I purchased a smaller growlight and have three plants (Cephalotus, Caerulea, and Aliciae) growing in this new set up.

My new set-up:


That light looks bright! Nice setup. Ceph looks happy. Lots of new growth forming
'Glad to see you are holding on in the hobby. It is nice to keep one's feet wet.