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So you think your pitcher is big.....

Biggest pitcher on my cephalotus Hummer's Giant thus far. Perhaps it will break the 9cm when the lid opens ???





Take that BigBella!
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NO doubt that is a very big pitcher!
:0o: Can't wait to see it when the pitcher opens.

I think Charles will be able to die a happy man when this finishes:laaa:
My aim in growing Hummer's giants was to surpass Bigbella's 8.25cm pitcher; the largest recorded length of a Hummer's giant pitcher that I could find (with an accompanying picture of the plant). Not all Hummer's giants are real Hummer's giants, and I too have a pseudo HG plant in my collection. This was a small cutting from Charles Brewer which I received around New Year's Eve of 2013. In 11 months, the twig has become this. Others have noted on the forum regarding distinguishing features of this monotypic genus, and the ruckus made over small discerning features. I can always pick out the HG plants in my collection (not the pullings of course).


Well, guess I am aiming for 10cm (4 inches) now :poke:
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OMG, don't get your fingers too close...monster ceph!
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Nicely grown! I've never heard of a ceph pitcher that big.
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Yes, quite impressive. Remind us of the conditions in which that big guy is growing?
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Wow! That is one BIG Cephalotus pitcher. :0o:
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Happy Thanksgiving! :laaa:
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And I think ceph pitchers are big at 3 inches!
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ker powwww
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Truly impressive - larger than any I ever grew.

That 'mid-rib' is also very significant & makes me wonder if the pitcher is indeed still growing?
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Truly impressive - larger than any I ever grew.

That 'mid-rib' is also very significant & makes me wonder if the pitcher is indeed still growing?

Before I had any cephalotus plants, I would drool over yours Ron :blush:. Using your informative posts here on TF as a foundation - growing and pollination (look for the star kiddies!)- a little empirical testing on growth parameters, and being a good girl and not torturing the planties for a while, has allowed them to flourish.

FYI - this is natural growth for this plant. No, I did not feed small furry animals, sacrifice young virgins, or give growth hormones to this ceph to induce giant pitchers. Simply, it has just been liberated from the Jen monster, and this is what ceph freedom looks like. However, I do use something magical called "neglect". If I manage to water and feed them with my busy schedule, it is already a small miracle. Cephs are low maintenance plants for me, so unlike my heli attention wh0res.
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