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Small Cephalotus Vertical Wall










2 gallon jar: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Anchor-Hocking-Heritage-Hill-2-Gal-Jar-with-Lid/16486707
river rocks
plastic mesh
cork board
3 ft fishing leader
a piece of mesh screen door to keep those damn gnats out
large rubber band
soil of choice
live sphagnum moss
trichoderma granular

It is currently under observation. The excess water is drained to the rocks beneath the plastic mesh. I simply use a long serological pipet to remove it.
Good going Jenn! Love it.

Should fill out nicely when you shove some cephs on those holes.
Great idea, I can't wait to see the outcome!
A very interesting idea. 'Could possibly work for many other plant species. I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.
Cool, I like it! Keep us updated :) I'm thinking of trying something along these lines pretty soon.
Wow, that is awesome. Can't wait to see it planted. I hope these ceph babies root in soon so I can ship and see them in there. Great job!
Great idea Jenn. But be careful, that may be too humid for cephs. My cephs are not doing as great ever since I moved it into a more humid/wet tank setup. They truly prefer drying out a bit. You might have to incorporate a lot of air movement in there. Not to mention it can't be done though, I think Stephen (may be getting this wrong...the guy who came up with Eden black cultivar), has a fantastic ceph tank which does great...but its nice and open giving the cephs enough air movement.