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Sir Grills A Lot


Cardiac Nurse
I like smoked butt and I cannot lie
You other brothas can't deny
When a guy walks in with BBQ sauce and a perfectly cooked butt you get sprung, you wanna pull out forks cause you notices that butt was smoked. Deep in the grill its cooking, I'm hooked and I can't stop sniffing. Oh baby I wanna stop and eat ya. And ask for seconds. My home boys tried to warn me but that butt you got makes me so hungry!

Mmm.. Damn nice butts...
Moms secret rub, basted in apple juice, and smoked with apple chips. Yum yum. My first butt and it was perfect!!!

Cooked them low and slow. Started smoker at 2 am and was on till 3 pm.
Mmmmm, boy! Wish I had the Traeger out of storage and matching you chip for pellet. I gotta order some lighter woods, apple, pear.... Yumm!

Happy and safe grilling, folks.
I am so hungry now..
Look like delicious !!! Im hungry too now !
Looks good, once you have a perfect butt, you'll never settle for less ;)
Looks yummy josh, is that the big green egg smoker?

Im thinking of going to the dark side and get an electric, I know I know....lol
No not a green egg. Its a brinkman that is green. Got it for being at my hospital for ten years. That was the first ever I cooked and they were perfect. First timewith coal too. I used to have a gas grill.
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That's what the butt monster says.