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Hello I'm from singapore. I'm trying to get some sundew and venusflytraps in my collection so if anyone is giving them out for free count me in:)
Welcome to TF!

Welcome to the group. I don't have what you are looking for, but I have an idea. The forum frowns on asking for free stuff, yet is OK with trading non-CP stuff for carnivorous plants/seeds. If you make a reasonable and sincere offer, nobody will complain, and you might actually get people offering stuff for free (typically for postage) anyway... One thing that you have available that I would guess some people in the U.S. would be interested in are seeds of tropical fruits which are hard-to-find or unavailable here. Even a quick trip to the grocery store could give you a few seeds for a trade. Mangosteens are one that come to mind, and I know there are many, many others.

As an example, a lot of these fruits appeal to people, and many are hard to find in the U.S., at least:


And I'm sure there are many other tropical plants which are available there and not found many other places... However the grocery store is easy. Many fruit seeds are viable for limited periods, and would have to be shipped carefully (often moist) of course.
Come on! Your first post asking for free stuff got locked immediately, so you respond by making an identical post? I can only speak for myself, but even if it was legal to send you stuff (which without permits it most certainly is not) you would have a long way to go in contributing to this community before I'd give you anything free other than advice and a welcome. Welcome to TF.
*grabs popcorn* lol

Welcome aboard :p