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I've tried Thelymitra before with tubers from Australia, but couldn't manage to adapt them to northern hemisphere seasons.
I’ve heard that is a problem with many southern hemisphere tuberous plants— not just tuberous orchids. I imagine they can run into the same issue with tuberous plants from the northern hemisphere.

. 'Cinderella' is a primary hybrid of T. rubra and the famous, but impossible to maintain T. variegata, and is the closest thing to it appearance wise. Hopefully I can post pics of these in flower come spring:

is there anything in particular that makes variegata “impossible to maintain “? Sounds a bit like the issue I’ve heard with growing Disa … if you can provide Disa with their desired conditions, they will grow effortlessly for you. But if anything is off — by even a small amount — you can forget it. (Which is a big part of the reason I have never tried growing Disa.)