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Show us your Jack-O-Lanterns!

Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
Halloween night is fast approaching, and the punkin's ought to be carved up by now. Let's see your carvings!



nice carving, guy , but i dont get the thing sticking in the left eye is it supposed to be a knife.
Gal. ;)

The pumpkin is a victim of a propstrike, where a model airplane took a bite (or six) with the propeller. That's why the red lines and oozing blood. ;) Search the RCGroups forum and you'll find plenty of stunning examples.

The object sticking out is one half of a propeller. (This one happens to be from a folding prop, because I don't have any that I'm willing to break at the moment.)

FWIW, Here's the nose of the plane the prop came from: (photo snagged from Google)


Really scary during launch, where you're holding it inches in front of your face and running it up to half power before throwing it. :crap:
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NOW! BACK to carved up orange edible gourds! :banana2:
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No one?

I guess I was a little late.
Nice! Nice, crisp edges. Something that eluded me a little, using the keyhole saw.
Here is how (not) artistic I am. :p
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Mine is the Reaper.
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wow, nice reaper man!
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I bought a bunch of pumpkins but didn't carve a single one. First time ever that I've done that. :cry:
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Well, now it's time to carve them all into bits, put them in the oven, and eventually, after a little more work, turn them into pumpkin pies.