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Should I submit any of these plants to our CP Society show?

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The Drosera regia and the spathulata(?) in the second picture looks pretty good to me, although it might be difficult winning with only one pitcher. The Pinguicula in the fishbowl also looks nice and the flowers are a plus but I don't think that container would be the best way to display it, since some of the leaves get squished on the sides. I would say the regia is your best bet, since the moss on top of the soil looks nice.

By the way, what are you growing in the bowl to the right of the first Pinguicula? Is it a Utricularia? It looks really interesting with growth both above and below the water.
The pings are certainly pretty with flowers and buds n all! Also wondering the same as Tanukimo about the swamp thing growing in the tall vase to the right of ping in a bowl?
Love how that Giant Ping is taking over the fish bowl and the Regia!
If you're talking the BACPS show coming up this Saturday, enter as many as you can but definitely that Drosera regia. As Doris always says, "The more the merrier!"; the competition for Sarracenia and Nepenthes is relatively stiff, but it's good to see more variety. Drosera is usually not too competitive (although some people have some amazing Drosophyllum plants) and most people like to enter Pinguicula not only in flower, but also in weird containers, so the fishbowl would be a very welcome entry.
Don't know anything about the CP Society Show (what is it?), but your plants are so sick. . . they look absolutely awesome!! Good growing : - )
I think the best ones are the Nep, the D. regia, the D. binata, and the second picture of the Mexican ping w/flower.
Thanks Tanukimo! I'll see if I can prepare my Drosera regia for the show tomorrow <3

Also I don't know what that plant is. It was something that was growing in one of my pots so I made a mini terrarium. I'll take a picture to show you what it looks like.
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Thanks Clue!! Good to know!
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Wow! Thank you! Limeslide!
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Here's pictures of the plant you guys were asking about. Not sure what it is.
I just found it growing in one of my plants inside the sunroom.

reminds me of spurge.



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Reminds me of irish moss. some randomly sprouted in one of my pots too. I left it for now looks kinda cool!

The rock in there is gorgeous!
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Reminds me of irish moss. some randomly sprouted in one of my pots too. I left it for now looks kinda cool!

The rock in there is gorgeous!

I found the rock on the beach. I think it's a coral skeleton. Would you like one if I find more?