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Shelves for rock swap


I was cleaning out my grow room as it is no longer needed. I have 3 of these 4 shelf deals for trade. It would be perfect if someone from the pacific northwest or Cali had some rock to swap for them. I have no idea what it would cost to ship but it can't be too much. Let's make a deal ! They are just like the link below and have served well in growing many a nepenthes in my basement. Several Spendiana x Mixta hybrids grown on these shelves are still out there from Hawian Seed. Drop me a line and we can work something out.

What kind of rock? I have tons of rocks that I could trade. I think it would be most practical to ship smaller rocks, as a boulder would cost a ton (no pun intended) to ship. Is there a specific kind you wanted? Mafic? Felsic? Metamorphic or igneous? Sedimentary clastic rocks?

There should be some pretty cool ones in Illinois too, or one would think. Are you trying to collect rocks from everywhere in the world?
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Um..... Ok guys I know it's been a while but I can't be that old. Shelves for rocks that can be used in polishing etc... Rough is fine I can cut things with a saw.
Oooh, I thought you wanted to trade shelves for some rocks! :crazy:
I don't have room for the shelves, but would you like to cut some Detroit Agate for me? I'll let ya have a slice.
Ok I swear there were more posts here a while ago. Anyway let me clarify what I was trying to say earlier. The shelves are indeed for plants and I would be interested in trading some rocks for them if possible. Granite and sandstone are not what I'm looking for but something that can be tumbled, cut or polished and a nice cabachon made. Agates, jaspers, and the like are really what is good for this kind of thing.

Lil Stinkpot, send me a PM and we can work out the details. We are moving and my saw is packed up until the house gets sold so it might be a bit.

If someone has a question PM me and we can work something out.
Thanks All
Sounds like a cool hobby droseraguy. Do you have any vids or pics on the subject? A few posts may have been moderated being unrelated to your thread.
Dang. I had just bought some shelves to help organize the rocks in my studio... That listing says it will hold 40lbs spread across the shelf, is that per shelf or the entire shelving unit?
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I would say per shelf. They are pretty sturdy and can be broken down into 1 or 2 shelf sections. I hung the lights on the underside of the shelf for growing and then had lots of plants spread around.
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These are taken, thanks for looking guys !