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Sharing some of my neps

Hi, I'm new to this forum.
Sharing few of my neps shots here. Hope you like it. :blush:

I'll start with our Philippine species. (all are my propagations and not from the wild) :water:

N. alata var. boschiana (the real thing)

N. surigaoensis

N. alata x ventricosa (natural hybrid, propagated at home :) )

N. X (alata?)

N. X2 (alata?)

N. alata hybrid (?)

Thanks! :)
Those alatas and alata hybrids are awesome! :drool:
Lookin good Red and welcome!
Whole lotta alata! Those look really fantastic.
Hi, thanks all. Glad you liked it. :)

Those N. X -- I'm not really sure if its N. alata. They just look like alata but really different. :)
They look sooo nice! :hail:
2nd batch....

My personal collection, N. ventricosa var. burkei (looks like burkei, lower pitcher is deep red)

N. truncata x merrilliana

N. mirabilis x alata (not quite sure if its alata or mirabilis)

N. copelandii

Thanks for viewing. Have a good day. :)
Your second lot is as nice as the first!
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Very nice Nepenthes!
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That N. copelandii is gorgeous. You should consider entering it in the monthly contests.
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:drool: beautiful specimens
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Beautiful plants!

Thanks for sharing
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Your N. alata x ventricosa looks better than any clone of that hybrid we have over here. The alata hybrids could be pure alata, since it's such a diverse species. If your ventricosa was a burkei the peristome would be much more vertical at the size that it is.
Your copelandii is one of the nicest ones I've ever seen! I wish more Philippine Nepenthes were in cultivation. Your country has some of the most bizarre, yet beautiful species. I'd love to get a N. mindanoaensis.
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Sorry, repost.
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This is the upper pitcher of my N. ventricosa var. burkei, doesn't look like any of the 2 right? ;)
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I love the copelandii too. I wish mine opened up like that more!!!
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This is the upper pitcher of my N. ventricosa var. burkei, doesn't look like any of the 2 right? ;)

That's the weirdest ventricosa I've ever seen....