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Shade Cloth recommendations?

I'm looking to buy shade cloth to help cool my greenhouse over the upcoming hot months of july -sept. I have Sarracenia, VFT, Drosera, Nepenthes and assorted tropicals. I have read that 50% is pretty Ideal for Nepenthes and can work for Sphag moss. The thing is I do not wan't to stress the light lovers so I think 50% is a bit too dark. How does 30% Aluminet cloth sound? Is that still too dark for Sarracenia and VFT's? Any input is greatly appriciated!
I just installed a new 50% shade cloth (replacing the older 70% cloth), the Neps love the 50%.....but some of my Utrics are a bit sunburned.
I am working on adding back a portion of the 70%. I don't think the 30% cloth will stop much heat from penetrating into the GH. IMHO