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Seedgrown N.ventricosas for trade


Tastes like chicken!
Hey Peeps, I have a batch of 2-3in seedrown N.ventricosas I'd like to trade off for things I don't yet have. Things that I'm looking for are Neps of any kind, temperate pings of any kind, S.purpurea ssp purpurea, aquatic uritcularia and any of the large flowered south american species, and cobra plants. I'm not looking for anything of any particular size, since these ventricosa are young themselves, so feel free to offer even small stuff. Thanks! :)
Bump.....here is a pic to garner some interest.

OMG!!! they're so CUTE!!! :)
Nepenthes venticosa? Just a quick hybrid recipe that I'm sure you know: Cross your Nepenthes ventricosa with your Nepenthes alata to get a Nepenthes x ventrata.
Anyhow, I'd love to have one, but I'm afraid I don't have much to trade. Still, those'll fetch some attention!
I bought one of these seedlings from Exo a few weeks ago!
These are really nice, strong & healthy growing plants!
Exo can grow excellent Neps! I Highly recommend them!
I'm proud of the little one I bought from him!
Thanks Exo! It was a pleasure dealing with you!