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I have taken lots of seed pictures in the last week. You can find them on the following links.

http://www.utricularia.net/sonstiges/samenbilder2.htm <- with thumbnails, may take longer to load
http://www.utricularia.net/sonstiges/samenbilder1.htm <- just links to reduce loading time

Here are some pictures from the page:


Drosera aliciae


Drosera capillaris


Drosera communis


Drosera venusta


Pinguicula grandiflora


Utricularia beaugleholei


Utricularia dichotoma


<a href="http://www.utricularia.net/bilder/utricularia/praelonga_UTRI12_024.jpg" target="_blank">Utricularia praelonga

Wow, Christian! This is highly valuable information to have - and save to favorites! Considering many of those tiny Drosera seeds tend to look alike, to the naked and untrained eye, this is an eye-opener. Great job!
It's really cool. I always though all the drosera looked pretty much identical.

Thanks for the nice comments!

Drosera seeds can be really very different. I was also surprised as i looked at them the first time through a microscope.

Please note, that i'm not sure about the identity of many of these seeds. I have not sown and grown them all myself. In many cases I have only taken pictures of the seeds and gave the seeds back.

[b said:
Quote[/b] (ChronoKiento @ Oct. 02 2004,1:09)]It's really cool. I always though all the drosera looked pretty much identical.
Do you mean the seeds or the plants? Surely you mean the seeds as there is a vast range of diversity of plant form in the Drosera genus.
Nice work as always Christian.

Drosera look pretty much all the same, hahaha! Thats a good one. Well, I suppose to an elephant all people look the same, but as with everything else in life, the more you focus, the more you see.
I meant the seeds. heheh ^_^; but y'know...some drosera do look alike. Ya can't deny that.