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BS Bulldozer
This will likely be my last giveaway of the season. I have available 3 portions of seed from a native temperate bog plant that makes a wonderful companion to Sarrs. It's a Lysimachia species which I got as a hitchhiker from Meadowview a few years back. Could be L. lanceolata. Gets 3' tall with 3"-4" willow like leaves, yellow flowers in summer. After the flower fades the seed pod and bract form little red stars. A mature plant is gorgeous at this time. Soon after the rest of the foliage turns red, providing nice fall color. This is the only temperate perennial plant offered here. I also have a single portion of seed from a fragrant geranium, G. grossularoides. Flowers are not showy, but foliage has a strong scent of coconut. Seeds I planted recently germinated in 2 days! And finally 3 portions of Thorn Apple, Datura stramonium. North American native annual, gets large white flowers which open at night, heavy citrusy fragrance. Under calm conditions a couple open flowers will nicely scent a decent sized area. They self seed for me here in 6B. All parts of this plant are toxic and these seeds are offered strictly for ornamental purposes. As always the only qualification is that you be a participating member of the community. The stamp is on me. Thanks for looking!

You all know the routine:
This offer is open to all participating members of the TF community. With all due respect Garylee123, making 100% of your posts in attempts to get free plants and seeds isn't the kind of participation I was referring to.
Ok no problem sorry for the inconvenience I will become more active. Thanks for the offer though.
Ok no problem sorry for the inconvenience I will become more active. Thanks for the offer though.
No inconvenience. I'm sure I'm not the only one to look forward to another point of view becoming part of the community!
Ok looks like planturd gets it.
Planturd, pm me your information. Your mailbox is full.
I may have signed up if I had noticed earlier. Congrats planturd! :D