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sarracenia_X's half-barrel pond

i have had this pond for seveal weeks now, it has several plants and some fish.

some of you have already seen it in a pic on my bog garden thread, or heard me mention it in the chatbox, now i think it deserves its own thread.

well, here are the pics!

from when i first set it up





just water hyacinth, water lettuce, azolla, and duckweed in it when these pics were taken.

ill get some more recent pics up in a bit.
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Oniceman! :drool:
here are some of the more recent photos of the pond

you may notice that it now has, in addition to those other plants i mentioned above, waterwheels (aldrovanda), 3 clumps of anarchis, a banana plant, AND FISH!





the water lettuce doesnt like the heat...

very nice mini-pond
how many gallons of water does that hold? very cool
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You should add some aquatic utrics to that thing. Very cool :D
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i already have an aquatic carnivore, Aldrovanda!

but i think i will get some Urticularia as well!
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Nice. Is the water stagnant?
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yes, it is always stagnant

circulation is an option, not a requirement

most people circulate their ponds to deter moskeeter larvae, but my pond is populated with about 7-9 mosquitofish, and 3 sprigs of waterwheel (Aldrovanda), so that takes care of that problem!
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Water hyacinth, water lettuce, Azolla, duckweed, Aldrovanda, anarchis, and banana plant.
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Nice assortment. I was making light of your typo in the opening comment. :poke:
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cool pond :D i had something like that going for a while. i kept my U. Macrorhiza in it. they got huge too