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Sarracenia UFO ?

Every time I see this plant I think "flying saucer" -- anyone got anything less fanciful ?


That is too awesome!!
thats a nice sarr.
Very neat. Did you grow this one from seed?
Very neat. Did you grow this one from seed?

Nope .. at least I don't think so .. the short of a long story is I have a lot of complex hybrids that I have grown from seed with lost tags, on the other hand .. I have a lot of hybrids that I bought .. also lost tags.

BTW -- someone suggested that it might be a S x imhoptep or a S x godzuki .. both have similar features ... but not quite. The imhoptep looks a little closer, but mine has a much more pronounced 'bump' ... I would say there is some psittacina in this .. or maybe minor