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Sarracenia seed extravaganza

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ok. nvm.. I take back that last post I made. I also recieved the seeds.

I recieved 16, 17 , 18

Thanks again sarracenia

I will also probley have extras...
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I got my seeds today too
I got 16, 19, and 13. Thank you so much
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got mine today!
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Sarracenia, I got seeds 1, 5, and 18 today. Thanks for your generosity!

For those who received extra seeds, I wouldn't suggest trading them away. After all, they were given to you...

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I just got mine today too! I got 7,11,13 and 18. I cant wait to sow these in the spring. Thanks again!!!!

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True, My apologizes. I have extra seed I am willing to share, whether or not there is any exchange.
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yay! i've recieved 8,11,13 and 16. super thank you!!
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Well.... if anyone has a few extra seeds they would be willing to throw my way. My SASE sat on our secratarys desk for 2 weeks while she was out having a baby. So i kinda missed out.

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I'll get some to you Casper. I have your address.
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Thanks a bunch boo!

Btw, how did your bog garden ever come out? I couldn't find pics posted anywhere. Is your dog staying out of it?

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I received my 7, 8 and 10. Thanks very much for the sharing!
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Yes he is. I think it smells too bad when he digs
It is doing wonderfully. I am actually waiting for our new digital to arrive to take the pictures. It is slow in coming and winter is fast. They may have to wait until spring.
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By all means, feel free to further trade these seeds amongst yourselves.
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Also, the seeds have not been stratified. Most were harvested late Sept/early Oct and were kept in a paper bag in the fridge since then.
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Got mine, 15, 6, 8, and 18 are now in my hands. Thanks alot sarracenia,
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Got mine today(11,15,1) I can't wait to get these stratified. Off to get some salad containers now. Thank you so much.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the seeds. They arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I have been unable to get online as I still don't have Internet access at my new home. I hope to get them started asap, and currently have them in the fridge for safe keeping.

Thanks again,

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I`m tracking this topic lol.