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sarracenia pitcher problems

I've been searching the forum and the interwebz to no avail...

I bought a nice Sarracenia "Dana's Delight" last summer. It grew in full sun on a fire escape along with some VFTs and a S. purpurea. Everything went dormant in due course and spent the winter on a windowsill in an unheated hallway. This spring, I put everything into a little mini-bog, adding some D. rotundifolia and live sphagnum to the mix. Everything is growing beautifully except DD. It produces nothing but thin, flimsy, underdeveloped pitchers. Almost all flange and no pitcher. Tiny, hooded mouths. I thought perhaps it needed more sun and moved the container to the backyard. The pitchers are showing more red coloration, but that's it.

Any ideas?

(I'll try to get some pictures this evening.)
Mine has a tendency to do that. Then the S. leucophylla genes take over in late summer and you start seeing larger pitchers. It doesn't help in my case that the plant is overcrowded and needing dividing and repotting. This usually lessens the tendency to produce pitchers as described in the spring.
I have several plants doing this as well and am very interested in peoples' thoughts.

I'm not terribly worried because I believe it's simply heat-based, causing the plant to produce phyllodia. Our temps have been in the 90s forever, and I have leucos/flavas/oreos all producing phyllodia as well.

Be nice to have decent pitchers to feed all my garden pests to, though!

I am curious what your media mix is for your Sarrs.
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Thanks! Glad to know it's okay. I don't grow many Sarracenia, so I'm not that familiar with the habits of different species and hybrids.
I believe it's simply heat-based, causing the plant to produce phyllodia

"Phyllodia!" That's the word!
The weather hasn't been very hot here, in fact I don't think it broke 90 yet this summer. Perhaps it is, as NaN suggests, a genetic thing?

I am curious what your media mix is for your Sarrs.

I admit that I don't have a lot of temperate CPs and they get less TLC than my (sub)tropical ones. :blush: Both of my Sarracenia grow in a peat/perlite/sphagnum mix.
It could be just the stress of replanting, some varieties of sarracenia do that, they sulk for a while (a year or so isnt uncommon) then they go like nothing had ever been wrong, so dont worry unduly. they can also do this in response to low light levels, but by teh sound of it that shouldnt be the case.