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Sarracenia ID

this is the only sarracenia in my collection that I question as far as being an actual cultivar.......does this look like a cultivar to you guys or just a mutt.......to me it looks like a rubra jonesii and I vaguely recall trading for one but not sure. what do you guys think?


and this one.......dana's delight or judith hindle?

1st one could be a jonesii, not 100% sure though. 2nd one is x 'Dana's Delight.
K....it is working on a new, bigger pitcher so I will add it on here once it pops....sometimes one can't be sure until a more mature pitcher is made.
here is a newer pitcher and a newer pic......i believe it will get a little darker around the mouth of the pitcher but what do you think?

I'd say probably rubra gulfensis, though I'm not the best on the ID's of the subspecies yet. It's got great color and shape though.
i agree.....i like this one. anyone else care to weigh in? it is darker now....like the earlier pic.
its definitely not jonesii, as jonesii has a bulge in the throat and a dipped lip at the front of the peristome. How tall on average are the pitchers and is it old enough to have formed tight clumps or when it produces divisions are they spread apart? its also not alabamensis or alabamensis wherryi. Your best bet is rubra ssp. gulfensis if you ask me, but if the pitchers are tightly clumped and consistently short it could be rubra ssp. rubra showing some really awesome fall coloration. Hope that helps!
i will get a pic tomorrow.