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Sarracenia for trade


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Life has settled down a bit and I divided plants today. I have about 7 medium to large Sarracenia alata from Stone County, MS which can get a nice red in the fall. I also have a massive Sarracenia catesbai with about 4 mature growthpoints. I am looking for mature Venus fly traps and temperate Drosera other than filiformis. Any questions just pm me. Thanks!
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All my plants are dormant, but I do have some d. Intermedia seed if ur interested?
Would like plants only. Thanks though.
I might have some D. marston dragon plants soon if the cuttings I took continue to grow in their medium. So far so good but they are TINY! I think they might be considered more warm-temperate although mine have survived in an unheated sunroom. Lowest temps 30.
Plants are spoken for, thanks for the interest.