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Sarracenia Deathcube rescue!

I bought a Deathcube from Lowes last night as I havent owned any Sarrs yet, and it ended up being 2 individual Sarracenia plants when I repotted them. I planted them with my VFT to make a tiny "community" of carnivores!



Look how bright green they are! They mustve been deprived of light for a long time :(
That water level seems a bit high, but very nice!
My sarrs sit roughly halfway in water. Lolkin good sash
I also grow mine in deep water, especially when the air temperature is high and humidity low. Whatever works for each of us though.

My experience with Lowe's Sarr rescues suggests a quick recovery for your little guy. It won't be long before you are begging folks to take divisions. ;)
Give it a year or two and it should look better. Here's a S. purpurea I originally picked up from a Lowes deathcube two years ago. It had only one sickly green pitcher and a phyllodia when I first got it. Now it's bursting out of its 6 inch pot.

S. purpurea does well with a higher water level, but VFT's like it lower.
^^^ Agreed. I never let my VFT sit in water trays.
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Difference in habitat, I guess. I am yet to see Dionaea in situ, but all of the Sarracenia I have visited in the wild were WET... Like two inches of water wet. I am yet to see VFT pictured in such environments.