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i have several neps that have been in thier pots for more than two years and some more than that , most of these are in very small pots, 3" in most cases, and a couple of them have over grown the pots by several inches of moss reaching out of the pot and up the stem , most seem to growing pretty well , but a few are stalled, is it time to repot , my seed grown hamata looked like it had recovered my miss cut but the new growth seems to have slowed and the tips dont look like their going to pitcher at this point anyway, my burkei is my oldest nep and is still in the pot it came in , in 2009 it is now starting to vine but is pitchering very nicely my veitchii x talagnesis is stalled and in a 3 " clear pot with only sphagnum and a substrate, my vikings are also in sphagnum only and grow very slowly , but are alive , not sure why, ive had very bad luck with viking in my past attempts.
im thinking i may need to give up the hamata, as the new set up is a bit hotter around the clock, 75 to 79 days about 70 to 72 at night, but i will try it for a while longer, and might repot it as well
I keep all my Nepenthes in 7 inch pots and they seem to do fine and don't mind being root bound since some of them can grow in trees and cliff nooks. Of course, they do mind being root bound if you have them in small 3 inch pots. I'd repot them into larger pots. The only plants I find like large 12" + its are truncata, rajah, Miranda. . . etc. Are you sure you can't reduce the temp for your hamata? I leave the window open in the summer to get everything into the 50*Fs. N. X viking is a lowlander and needs higher temps to grow.
How big is the hamata? Your temps seem to not have enough of a drop at night for nepenthes which would explain the stalling. If you could get the night temperatures into the mid or lowers 60s then they should recover.
Should you decide the hamata needs a cooler home, please consider allowing me to adopt ;-)