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Repotted my Cephalotus


Agent of Chaos
I had a pot of Cephalotus, Drosera, and Pinguicula. It worked well for a year but started getting too crowded and I figured it was time to plant the Cephalotus by itself.

This is the before picture (Cephalotus, Drosera, and Pinguicula all growing in same pot. Moss is starting to crowd out smaller plants).


This is the after picture. Cephalotus is by itself in fresh soil (one part peat, one part perlite, one part sand)

I'll post updated pictures in a few months after it settles in. I'm eventually planning on adding some Drosera burmanni seeds to the Cephalotus pot.
Nicely done! And your ceph looks awesome. Cant waitfor mine to get that big.
Looking great! Also is that P. primuliflora?