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Repot Tall Vine?


Formerly known as Pineapple
N. ventricosa x talangensis (this was a while ago, just to give you an idea of height... Maybe abour 14" tall?)


I feel like it is being constricted at the roots. So I got this in December 2011 and it grew really well, has probably put out 10-15 leaves since then, all the same size, about 7". I really feel like it should be putting out like ten inchers like my ventrata. In the past few months, it hasn't been growing as fast. Hasn't been putting out as many leaves. On top of that, it has two wildly growing basals that were there as tiny sprouts when I got this guy and are now beginning ti vine. You can see them in the pic, but now there's about 7-8 more leaves on each of them.

So I basically feel like the roots are being constricted in this 8" pot. Should I repot it? None of my other plants are having these issues. ???
Like Nike always says, "Just do it."
I did it... The roots were pretty much bound and they were growing up through the LFS topping. The basal's roots were like growing on top of the medium in a big bunch lol. It's in a nice, big, round pot now. :)
All three of my ventricosa x talangensis have started vining, how big are the pots they need