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Here's my little CP Growlist that just keeps on growing :D
All of my plants are currently kept outside in natural sunlight.
Geraldton, Western Australia.

TC = Tissue Culture

Dionaea muscipula
  • Typical Bunnings
  • Paradisia Triffid Park
  • Big Mouth Triffid Park
  • Big Vigorous Triffid Park
  • Cross Teeth Triffid Park
  • Dutch Delight Triffid Park
  • Long Red Fingers Triffid Park
  • Low Giant Triffid Park
  • Pink Venus Triffid Park
  • Bristle Tooth Triffid Park
  • B52 Triffid Park

    Tissue Cultures
  • Triton (TC) Ebay
  • Giant Clam (TC) Ebay
  • Bates Best (TC) Gifted
  • Great White Shark (TC) Gifted
  • Long Teeth (TC) Gifted
  • BZ Razorback (TC) Gifted
  • Fire Mouth (TC) Gifted
  • Funnel Trap (TC) Gifted
  • Shogun Star (TC) Gifted
  • Long Traps (TC) Gifted
  • Jaw’s Smiley (TC) Gifted
  • ARPC (TC) Gifted
  • Wally (TC) Gifted
  • Dragon Fire (TC) Gifted
  • Lunatic Fringe (TC) Gifted
  • Red Spider (TC) Gifted
  • Heliamphora minor (TC) Gifted
  • Cephalotus follicularis (TC) Gifted

  • D. capensis (1+) Redrock Nursery
  • D. capensis f. alba (1) Triffid Park
  • D. binata - t-form (1) Triffid Park
  • D. binata var. multifida f. extrema (1) Triffid Park

  • S. Unidentified (3) Bunnings, Waldecks
  • S. minor f. Okefenokee giant (1) Triffid Park

Seeds Sown
  • Dionaea muscipula, mixed clones/crosses (14/07/17) Germinated
  • Dionaea muscipula ‘akai ryu’ x self (14/07/17) Germinated
  • Drosera spatulata, giant form (14/07/17) Germinated
  • Drosera aliciae (14/07/17) Germinated
  • Drosera capensis (30/05/17) Germinated
  • Sarracenia leucophylla green and white (14/07/17) Germinated
  • Sarracenia alata 'red throat' x S. flava var rubricorpora (14/07/17)
  • Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa (14/07/17)
  • Sarracenia oreophila (14/07/17) Germinated
  • Sarracenia mixed hybrids (22/07/17)

Also in the Family
  • Drosera hamiltonii Triffid Park
  • Pygmy drosera nitidula ssp. alantostigma Triffid Park
  • Sarracenia 'Daniel Rudd' Triffid Park
  • Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa x x courtii Triffid Park
  • Sarracenia purpurea ‘Tina’ from Gent Triffid Park

  • Jaws Smiley
    [*]Pet Teeth
    [*]Maroon Monster
    [*]Fuzzy Tooth
    [*]Cephalotus follicularis
    [*]Drosera capensis "Big Pink"
    [*]Drosera regia
  • Would love a Ping or two
(Pretty much any Venus Flytrap I don't currently have - I won't list them all!) :-))
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