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Quick Pinguicula photos

My P. gigantea has taken off this spring so wanted to share a few quick photos. Its potted in a 5" pot that is no where to be seen when looking from above.

Toothpick is for size reference.


Here it is with a moranensis type ping which is in a 2" pot.

And beside the even smaller P. jaumavensis

P. jaumavensis by itself, again in a 2" pot.
Nice pings!
Gotta love gigantea! Nice plant! I like the jauva also :D
That's a monster. I thought you were growing it hydroponically at first, judging from the photos. I usually prefer the little ones, but P. gigantea is always a fun one.
Thanks everyone.

I see how you could get that impression Wireman, but nope, no hydro here.
Whoa!!! That is really awesome!
Jaumavensis is very pretty :)
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Those are great pics love seeing them! your pings are nice and healthy looking.
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Awesome! Looks great.. What do you feed your pings?
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Thanks guys.

Usually just bloodworms Brie, but sometimes I also mix up some weak fertilizer and mist the plants with it.