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Questions concerning Sarracenia psittacina


Sgt Sarracenia
I know that in the wild S. psittacina has been known to capture aquatic prey during flooding. Does anyone know how long can they be submerged for, or if it would begin to rot or kill the plant due to flooding being a temporary thing? Would it be a possible way to help curb the "wigglers" (mosquito larvae) in my outdoor watering trays? Would a submerged plant grow differently than a terrestrial one?

Any comment or discussion is welcomed and appreciated.
If the mosquitos are an issue, you can always purchase some "mosquito dunks" and break them into small pieces to add to the trays.
I had some plants that had been flooded for a week or more at a time without any issue; and mosquito larvae posed no problem . . .
I really like how my plants are doing when I flood the pot, now here's the problem if you are trying to attempt this. You must remember that this happens in the wild there the water is in constant motion and the plant probably has some 20 FT of soil below to anchor. If you are trying to attempt this using a small pot, then be very extra careful as the plant can eventually die from root rot. For example, I use 2ft containers....that being said, I don't have trouble flooding the Sarra container or the VFT container which are sometimes flooded for a week or so.
thanks for all of the input