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questions about cup trap VFT

I have a small one i received but the traps don't seem to work...will this improve with time or does the mutation render the traps ineffective? If they do not function; is there an alternative such as foliage fertilizer...perhaps sprayed into the traps?

secondly is a cup trap vft the same thing as a funnel trap vft?
The traps are functional but they close slower than a "normal" trap. They rarely catch prey on their own but can. You can feed them with dead prey if you stimulate the traps enough that they'll go into type/phase 2 closure (when the margins "seal" and start to "pucker" up). A very dilute fertilizer will work for foliar feeding.

'Cupped Trap' differs from Funnel Traps as to where the trap is fused. With Funnel Trap it is fused near the petiole/leaf base. 'Cupped Trap' is fused on the distal portion from the petiole.

'Cupped Trap' is a rather poor growing clone in my experience.
My cupped trap seedlings died pretty soon after going into dormancy... Never came out of it. So I second them being poor growing.
If I had one, I would just put it out of its misery..
IMO, we shouldn't encourage weak deformed plants..
or attempt to make them on purpose..

this was its second season , i think they like to be set up a little in their environment, not so much deep in the soil. i did loose it though , but i lost all of my vfts due to not protecting them properly last winter , i now have a few vfts and one is cupped traps, and it is doing very well , i never feed mine, they still seem to catch all they need IMO!
just not as quickly as other vfts,
I think cupped traps look way cool:-D.
They are pretty neat! I might try my hand at them again sometime.
Wow, those are some amazing cup traps!:0o::0o::0o: Mine is tiny.:blush:
My cupped VFTs did very well during the growing season mounded in the bog and caught plenty of food on their own. However, they did not survive dormancy over winter in my zone 8 conditions. I found them to be more susceptible to root rot than other VFTs also, which is the reason I planted others mounded a bit. I found them to be slower growing compared to other VFTs. I tried to grow these for 2 years and they always died over winter outside in the bog. :-(

Upwhiz: Very nice specimen of cupped VFT!