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Question about lighting for sarracenia seedlings.


Hi! Im Quinton, and I'm addicted to CPs....
I know everyones probably sick of seeing posts about lighting, but I just want to cover the bases on my lighting system I set up for some sarracenia seedlings.


It is a 4 tube T8 fixture:
2 daylight tubes, 32 watt, 2700 lumens each, 78 CRI,
2 cool white tubes, 32 watt, 2995 lumens each, 86 CRI
11,390 lumens total
I wrapped it in tin foil to maximize the light.

I know that it is recommened that you have at least 12,000 lumens with 90-100 CRI, but this was the best I could do.

If this light system meets the right qualifications, what other CP's would you suggest that could grow under this light system.