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pyrenean trip

Oh I love how the leaves and flowers are purple! :drool:
some interessant ping here 'in situ'

Must have been a nice trip!

What is the species of the plants on the first few pictures?
Is it P. longifolia?
Thanks -- I haven't seen that part of the world in several years . . .

you have in pinguicula

longifolia subsp longifolia f pinetensis ( purple perenn leaves)

longifolia subsp longifolia (type)

grandiflora subsp grandiflora ( with purple leaves not perenn , just a UV reaction and some others with yellow-green leaves )

grandiflora subsp rosea for me a real surprise here in Pyrénées normaly just endemic to the Alpes (near grenoble) , with this important link may be a reason to named this subsp just like form.

the next year test to perenity and reproductibility on this last ping .

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