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Putting Moss in the Pots

Hi! As you can guess from my username I like moss. I have quite a few moss terrariums around the house and have some extra moss left over from my latest batch of terrariums. Can I put this moss in my Sarracenia pots? Or any CP pot? I also have VFT and some D. spathula. I feel like it would hold more moisture in as well as just look more natural, but I'm fine with not doing it if it would hurt the plants.
Sphagnum moss is ok for carnivores but other kinds can choke out the plants.
I don't think it's spaghnum. This is just moss I collected from my backyard. I just wanted to put a layer on top of the potting mix to give it a natural feel. I think I've seen some pictures like it around this site. Is that okay?
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