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Pterostylis (Diplodium) fischii

I appreciate the Australian Greenhood orchids with their late (Northern Hemisphere) flowering extending the growing season. My Pterostylis coccinea have been in flower for several weeks ( http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135227-Just-look-at-what-a-repot-can-do ) and now the Pterostylis fischii are joining them.
Pterostylis fischii


The flower stems are twice the height of P. coccinea and the flowers half the size (circa 2cm / 0.8").
They are interesting flowers. ;) How big does the plant typically get?
They look great ! I absolutely love Pterostylus orchids. I've been putting off trying them for far too long. I'll be ordering some tubers this winter for sure.