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Proud owner, with questions..

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Can stylidium survive in there over the winter? I've got a bunch I wouldn't mind adding.

I've got some nice stuff in there already. Just needs to mature a bit..

- x4 S. rubricorpora x purp montana
- x4 S. purp venosa x leuco white
- x2 S. flava copper top
- x8 S. oreo x leah
- S. x catesbaei
- S. 'Cobra's Nest'
- S. rubra gulfensis (ancestral)
- S. purp montana
on deck seedlings:
- x2 S. oreo
- x12 S. "Northern Light” x S. 'Adrian Slack'
- x infinity 'OP' seedlings
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No, Stylidium is Australian and won't survive.
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No, Stylidium is Australian and won't survive.

that sucks.
I swear the people up north that I got it from had it in a tank of shallow water outdoors, year round.