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potting soil for sensitive plant?

what do you use for your mimosa
I have mimosa pudica and what I think is a water mimosa or partridge pea seedling
Mimosa are a weed here and are just as comfortable in a standard potting mix as to peat/sand or clay, so I doubt they care, they also infest many crops here, so fertiliser seems to have very little negative effect on them, if any, I cant say for sure (as I don't live in your climate) but I would imagine a shallow water tray, tap water should be fine and potting mix you have spare, they seem to colonise gravely clay faster here, so maybe a wet open mix.
After seeing them in situ, I can say that M. pudica probably is not all too concerned about the potting medium so much as it is about temps and humidity.
M. pudica is a heavy feeder. Any run-of-the-mill potting soil you can buy at the store will work. Also grab some miracle-gro while you're there because they will need that eventually. Warm. Bright sun. The healthier you grow the plant, the faster it will move and "recharge" the leaves.