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The sticky ones are my favorite.
One thing I'm always curious about is how everyone else grows their plants. I've only been collecting for a little while, so I've been sort of figuring it out as I go along. Let's see what you've got! Post a picture if possible, describe your lighting, any temperature regulation, where the stuff is located – all that good stuff.

I'll go first.

This is my only grow space right now. All of my plants are in there – mostly subtropical sundews like D. capensis and D. intermedia 'Cuba', but I've also got a Brazilian, D. spiralis growing in there, as well as my VFT and S. purpurea, which I'm planning on moving outside soon. Next to that Drosera 'Marston Dragon' on the bottom right are containers with U. livida and U. sandersonii "blue".

Lighting is 6 four-foot T8 bulbs on a constant 16-hour photoperiod. That window faces west and the blinds are always drawn, so they get a lot of sunlight in the afternoons as well. The only heating I've used is a seedling mat that I used under my germination trays, but I probably won't even use that for a while since the weather is getting so much warmer here in the Bay Area. This whole setup is on a table in the corner of my living room.

I like it overall – the light seems sufficient, since there's lots of dew production and good coloration on my Drosera (and nice red traps on the VFT). I'm a bit worried about the D. spiralis as it continues to warm up though – I've got plans to put some lights up in the garage where it stays cool all the time. I'm glad I accidentally built the frames way too tall, or I could have never fit that D. 'Marston Dragon' in there.

What have you got? Greenhouse? Highlands tent? Bog garden? Is there anything you think I should be doing differently? Where do you grow your plants?
This is a really neat idea, thanks for sharing! I'd love to see more pics of your setup from different angles. I'm new to this but I've already got plans for how I'll build my grow rack. Once it's up and running I'll be sure to post some photos here.
Here's my setup. It's nothing fancy, but it works for me. There is a south-facing windowsill I use for my Drosera macrantha and an east-facing windowsill for my Drosera regia and my Utricularia humboldtii in a clear lunch box. The south-facing windowsill gets maybe 5 hours of full sun during the day, and the east-facing windowsill maybe around 3. I have Utricularia calycifida and some more Utricularia humboldtii in a plastic tub on the ground (it doesn't get much light). You can see it on the chair on the right in the second picture. I also have Utricularia gibba in a plastic jar on the table. The rest of the plants aren't mine.
For the last few months, temperatures were around 65 during the day and 50s at night but recently it's gotten hotter so it's more like 75-80 during the day and 70 at night.




The rest of my plants are in my house in southern California. I'll post pictures when I go home for spring break.
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