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Plant of the Month December 2013

Vote for the top 3 best!

  • bluemax - D. montana var. tomentosa

    Votes: 13 59.1%
  • Maiden - H. minor var minor

    Votes: 9 40.9%
  • Wire Man - N. lavicola

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • Red Lowii - Platycerium superbum

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • lil hokie - D. muscipula B52

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • Jcal - C. follicularis Hummers Giant

    Votes: 12 54.5%
  • Peatmoss - D. villosa var. latifolia

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • amphirion - D. ordensis

    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • Heli - H. folliculata

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • RSS - Podochilus muricatus

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


1. Only ONE (1) Plant per member may be entered in any particular month. This means one Nep vine, one Sarr Rhizome, one pygmy dew etc.
2. All pictures must be taken in the month of entry into the contest.
3. All entries must be clearly identified.
4. Entries are restricted to cultivated plants.
5. Contestants may post as many times and as many pictures of their entry as they like until contest closing on 12/31/13
6. Sequential pictures showing opening of a pitcher, unfurling of a leaf etc. are fine as long as all pictures are taken within the month of the contest.
7. If, for some reason, a single pitcher/plant/whatnot cannot be isolated and a group shot is necessary, then the particular pitcher/plant/whatnot entered must be clearly identified in your post.
8. Plant must have been grown by owner at least six months prior to photo, or sprouted from seed by the owner.
9. I didn't like this rule. You can keep entering the same thing month after month and if people still like it without getting sick of it, so be it.
10. Times of Contest and Poll openings and closings are to be understood as EST.
11. Judging by forum members and guests in a poll opening on 01/01/14, closing 01/05/14 and using this forum in this thread! Voting will appear at the top of the thread at the close of the contest entries.

** Please remember to clearly identify your entry!!**

Contest will be closed on December 31st 2013 at 5:00PM EST

Good Luck!
Drosera tomentosa (aka D. montana var. tomentosa)

Here's my first effort at this:


The plant.


A new flower.

And a hell of a first effort, at that!
that looks great Mark,that flower stalk is huge
Nice plant! Gives me something to look forward to when my two seedlings get to size!
Great pics. I love the aspect ratio :-O.
Thanks, guys. :)
I've got a couple flowering tomentosas here as well. But my plants are probably about a 3rd the size of yours. I didn't even know they got that big!
Quite the beast you've got there my friend.
WELL THEN.. I WAS going to enter a D. hilaris this month, but since I got it from Mark.. it just doesn't feel right. Going up against him, with a plant I got from him seems like borderline cheating.. At any rate, here's an update pic for you Mark. They're doing swimmingly: http://i1140.photobucket.com/albums/n575/mass2256/IMG_5781_zps41b67615.jpg
As for my entry this month, think I'll enter a plant that Mark got from me! :mwahaha:
D. villosa (Serra de Ibitipoca, South East of Minas Gerais, SE Brazil) (front most plant)

glam shot of the D. spiralis pot mate: http://i1140.photobucket.com/albums/n575/mass2256/IMG_5780_zps56d1a8ee.jpg
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really like your third pic down Mass
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Are the Drosera villosa naturally curly? That's a really interesting shape is they are. I can almost imagine them "watching over" the rosette.
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Mass and Maiden - spectacular plants! I am honored to be in such company.
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Mass, your entry is misidentified. While this has nothing to do with the photographic merits of the pics, I disagree with the practice of posting pics of mislabeled plants (or sharing mislabeled plants). I alerted you that your plant was misidentified via PM earlier this year. While I am far from an expert with plant ID, this is not a tough one. Fernando explains the difference:
the leaves are different in that D.villosa has petioles longer than the lamina while D.ascendens has petioles usually much shorter than the lamina
The differences are obvious - here's the real D. villosa in situ and in cultivation.
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Hello everyone,

Warren asked me to help with the IDs. First I wanted to congratulate Mark for the beautiful D.tomentosa var.tomentosa! Is this large hairy specimen from the Chapada Diamantina by any chance?

Mass, although your plants are beautiful, I am sorry to say it is not D.villosa. The true D.villosa is indeed endemic to the Serra do Ibitipoca and the nearby Serra Negra, so your plant must've gotten switched somewhere. The pics that Ron posted do show what this amazing species looks like.

The beautiful specimens you show us here appear to be what is currently most commonly known as D.ascendens. I would even go as far as saying that it looks like a form from S Brazil, from the region of Itararé or Sengés. Maybe even the Pico da Bandeira/ Serra do Caparaó form (although this one in cultivation seems to be much bigger than in the wild, though I suspect someone may have accidentally swapped seeds).

Now the bad news is that this story gets even more complicated. Together with some colleagues, I am about to publish a review of the D.villosa complex. It should be out before the end of the year hopefully, or in January 2014. This complex actually contains 6 species: D.villosa, D.graomogolensis, D.ascendens, two new species, and one taxon that we are bringing up from the dead.

I can't give details yet, but we've rediscovered the true D.ascendens (after 200 years!) and it's actually something quite different than what I'd been thinking for the past 20 years.

So what you are growing will soon change name, but feel free to call it D.ascendens for now. :)

Best Wishes,

P.S. Congrats also on the healthy D.spiralis!
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I don't think any of us is surprised to find that the taxonomy of South American Drosera is complex and unsettled but it is nice to hear directly from Fernando on the state of the subject. I hope to get a look at the new article when it become available.

Thanks for your kind words, Fernando. I'm afraid that I don't have any site information on the D. tomentosa as it was grown from seed that had none. I bought this from Best CP. The rosette of the plant is ~2 inches across so it may look bigger in the photo than it is.

Mass: Whatever species it turns out to be called - your plant is awesome.
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Thanks for dropping by & sharing some excellent information.

I can't give details yet, but we've rediscovered the true D.ascendens (after 200 years!) and it's actually something quite different than what I'd been thinking for the past 20 years.
Sounds like there is some very interesting stuff in the publishing pipeline - I'm looking forward to reading about the discovery & the realignment of the group.
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If cp's had a dos equis man it would be Fernando

Drosera give their bugs to him to eat....
Stay hungry my plants

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Probably been answered before....does the plant need to be carnivorous?
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I'm entering my seed grown N. lavicola. It's growing in a 4" pot and attempting to take over half of the terrarium.

N. lavicola by Wire Man, on Flickr