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ping. sinking


i have all of my pings in tall 2x2x 3tall pots , cant remember the mix , it has been so long now 2 + years.
they all seem to be sinking to the bottom , what should i do can i just lift them and put more mix i the bottoms fo the pots or should i use something different in the mix i do remember i used quite a bit of vermiculite and some thing , but looking at others ping pics here, they all seen to have a large amount of what looks like course sand or very small pebbles dressing the tops of their pots or maybe their growing thier pings in sand ??
:poke:suggestions ?? :poke:any one ??
thanks for all advise:-D
i grow my pings in equal parts sand perlite and APS. no sinking and it works very well for me :)
what ping have you ?

mexican-subtropical US-temperate-others? all have not the same substrate :poke:

all mind have same substrate , oops
ok here are the names as i can read them old tags on popcicle sticks fading bad need to re-tag.
moutezumar x kores ?? im especially not sure on this one. kores may be who i got it from looks like "k"ores on the tag though
maybe i need to do pics of all and get some help identifying them , i think the wesser may not be right as i posted pics a while back and some said it wanst wesser, but its real purty though.
weser ; titan ; apasionada ; moctezumae x "kohres" are hybrids

moranensis no .

you can use blond peat for them.

I use a alcalin substrate for all ,here in europe cat litter with others thing like river sand , pouzzolane, akadama etc .