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phragmipedium schroederae divsion (Exotix $20)


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
This auction features our second phragmipedium divsion. Phragmipedium schroederae is a hybrid of P. Sedenii x P. caudatum. Some resources say that P. Sedenii is a naturaly occuring hybrid but for AOS registration purposes P. Schroederae is considered a primary hybrid.

I have not bloomed out this divsion but a quick google search will show you the beautiful blooms you can expect.

This delightful little phrag has a small footprint but does have long, straplike leaves.

Just as I started our first phrag divsion low, this one will be too. Let the bidding wars begin.

Shipping will be $10.00. USA only.

Starting bid: $2.00
That's a steal of a deal, Chib. Too bad it gets too big for my space ... that and the fact that I kill paphs and phrags. heh
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Plant has been shipped
Please update the status of the auction:
Winner: Have you received the item? Is it in the condition described and expected?

Thanks! This will help us close out the few remaining threads in the 2013 auction. Even though we could assume that "no news is good news" and that the winner received the item in good condition, we'd rather receive confirmation of this. Just a quick note is all that's needed!

Ryan Kitko
Vice President, The North American Sarracenia Conservancy