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Photos from the necps show

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It stood out to me when I saw it. I was thinking a northiana hybrid as a second but it has to be one of most beautiful Nepenthes I've seen, the coloration is superb! (a) lol Man what I would do for a mixta superba!
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Yeah, it's a very nice plant.  I'm surprised it didn't place in the voting.  Which, coincidentally, can be seen now in the 2003 Annual New England Carnivorous Plant Show report.  Kinda funny that some of the categories (pings and utrics, anyone?) were shoe-ins.  We MUST remedy that situation by next year, people!

Congrats, Wild Bill, Schloaty, and John at the beach! (And Jeff and Matt, whom i think are too busy sweeping categories at plant shows to visit these forums.)

And in a ironic twist i'm sure all here can appreciate, the pot of D. capensis took the honors over a 'Marston Dragon' and pot of D. adelae!