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Pests help.

I just noticed one of my drosera adelae has a few little yellow bugs (what seem to be aphids)
Sucking the leaves. Could anyone tell me what pesticide will kill them without harming my plants? I have neem, but I read somewhere online that the neem doesnt kill aphids.
do a good ID first. Might be incidentals. Might be things worse than aphids. ID the insect first and best place to start. Most people will be needing at least a 10X magnification hand lens. if you can get a good macro shot it might be possible to do the ID from the photo.
I have a 30x magnifying lens. Ill try taking a picture. It'll probably be a little blurry though.

I would try putting the pot fully immersed in water, in a sealed bag, first. Water and lack of Oxygen kills them as well.
I am asking this question only to clear up my ignorance...but wouldn't putting them in a sealed bag still allow them to breathe all the oxygen the plant produces?
I have treated Drosera for Aphids by putting the pot in a plastic bag, and blasting a couple shots of a Pyrethrin-based insecticide into the bag and then sealing it shut for 24 hours. Avoid getting the Pyrethrin on the leaves directly as much as possible to avoid damage. The volatiles appear sufficient to do the job without direct contact.

Although I have not used it myself, I suspect the Bayer treatment Kulamauiman outlined above is appropriate as well.
Although I have not used it myself, I suspect the Bayer treatment Kulamauiman outlined above is appropriate as well.
This has worked for me & is one of the ones that does fairly minimal damage to dews (which are typically quite sensitive). The last time I had to use it was on a D. regia I received in a trade infested w/ aphids.

If you do bot want to use pesticide, you can try the water immersion method mentioned above (I've never used) or the CO2 approach.

If the infested plant is with others, you will likely need to treat them all.
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Thanks for the tips. I'll try the bayer systemic insecticide. :)
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I approach seed germination by placing a prepared pot in a sealed baggie. The side benefit is that the sowbugs that have been in the media, are actually dying. Why not try that with aphids?
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Ive already used the pesticide, which seemed to kill them all. I dont like using baggies much though. My pots always get infested with fungus gnat larvae in high humidity/stagnant/wet environments.