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Pesten 2013 - what are these?

I have these keep coming back on my N. vogelii and the rubbing alcohol doesn't seem to keep them at bay longer than a week or two despite repeat treatments. Any idea what they are and how to get rid of them for good?

Sorry these are the best close up pics I can get.


Thanks for any input!
not sure what they are but id think about mixing a neem oil and water mixture and flipping the plant upside down and submerging it. do this a few times spaced 5-7 days apart. i prefer this method over the spray application of neem. none get missed this way ;)
I don't think I can dunk this plant, it's about 18" or bigger in diameter but will Neem treat them if they are scale, thrips, aphids or whatever? Should I repot the plant too incase they are in the live moss soil?
i think the hard shelled scale are very resistant to neem (and most everything) but the soft scales shouldn't be able to persist if they are treated well. id definitely repot and maybe gently rinse the roots with water just to be safe. these things are aweful.
What is hard shelled scale and soft shelled scale? Does that mean old (hard) and young (soft) or different types altogether?

These things don't move, even when you poke at them.
no, hard and soft scales are different beasts


•Soft scales produce a soft, thin, cottony, powdery or waxy layer over themselves that cannot be separated from the insect body. These scale insects often produce copious amounts of honeydew.
•Armored scales have a hard, shield-like cover composed of shed skins and wax that conceals the body but is not attached to the body of the insect.
Isolate the plant and use a Hot Shot or Nuvan strip.
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looks like: Hawaiian Scale (aka Asian Cycad Scale) - Aulacaspis yasumatsui

I'm also looking for a systemic spray for it. I've been using rubbing alcohol wipes, and it keeps it off most of my plants except my Winged Mirabilis x Veitchii, I thought it might be because it's hirsute, but I've never seen one on my ampullaria. Maybe because there are a lot of crevices between the leaves and the stem on the Mirabilis x Veitchii. It also likes truncatas for some reason. I just picked up some Ortho Rose Pride Insect, Disease & Mite control w systemic protection and will let you know how that works.
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What is a Hot Shot or Nuvan strip? It's in my HL tank I don't know where else I could put it where it would get light and proper temps are those methods fast enough to kill the critters but not the plant if it's out of it's environs for however long?

The rubbing alcohol seems to kill them off but they come back after a week or so, seemingly with a vengeance sometimes! LOL
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But that says not for use in living areas, my Neps are in my bedroom.
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yeah, you wouldnt want to use it in there
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You can use the strips in a closed terrarium. Just not somewhere where you'll be hanging out for any period of time. You'll probably only need it in there for a few hours, maybe overnight.
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Could be the dreaded hibiscus snow scale Pinnaspis strachani

It is not uncommon to get these on plants from Hawaii. These are an armored scale and are difficult to eradicate.

Look for the three "ridges" on the males.

Concur. Cycad scale is host specific to cycads. Hibiscus snow scales are not. Have commonly seen them infesting nepenthes even at large commercial nurseries.
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Hibiscus scale. Get out the Acephate (or Imiclipromid, or Talstar One). Otherwise, you will be wiping these off with alcohol for the rest of your days.
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If I only need it overnight could I take the affected plant out and bag it in a large bag with the Hot Shot deal and put it on my patio or will that not work if it is Hibiscus scale?
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Take a systemic to those ********!