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Pawpaw Seeds

A wonderful member of this website recently sent me some delicious Pawpaw fruit!
I would like to give back and offer the pawpaw seeds to all of you.
I am not looking to trade, these are free. I have about 70 seeds to give away, I will break them up into packs of 10 seeds for the first 7 people who claim them.
To get the seeds, just reply to this thread and send me a PM to work out the details (you'll have to send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope).
Thanks! :D
In case you were unaware, it's important to never let the seeds dry out. Keep them in some moist sphagnum or something similar.

oh.. good instructions on how to handle for anyone that would like to try them.
Yep, they are being kept moist.
Thanks for posting the info Tony Paroubek. There is much info online on their care and growing.

Who will be the 1st (of 7) to claim their Pawpaw seeds?
I'll try some!
Nice of ya Acro,


location data: Laurel Co. Ky,
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Thanks a ton! I have always wanted to try this fruit... Maybe in a few years i will get to!
JDW and cbennett4041
I will PM you back now. :D

5 packs of Pawpaw seeds left, post up if you want them. :D
I grow several varieties of pawpaw, the seeds germinate well on pure spag or wrapped in a moist paper towl, aim for 25-30C temps and high humidity, then they will need similar conditions to a nep for the first few weeks (high humidity, bright light), don't put them in full sun until they are atleast 30cm or they will stunt, higher humidity also aids in faster growth, I find 1peat/1sand/2-3 general potting mix works well and osmocote or seasol are appreciated once old enough, they like wet but free draining.
I may be wrong, but I think what is commonly called pawpaw in the states is a diff species.
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Can i please have a packet? I want to try raising Zebra swallow tail butterflies and was actaully looking for a pawpaw plant or seeds.
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I should have pointed this out earlier, but I am giving away seeds for Asimina triloba. Is that what you are growing Adelea? I know Papaya is often called Pawpaw outside of the USA.

Yes you can Goodkoalie, just PM me. :p

Four packs of seeds to go! :D
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Hi Acro, AV8TOR1 has pointed this out to me, I was thinking Papaya, however I also have one variety of your Asimina plant (we call it false mango, I don't know where our name came from as I got my plant off a local fruit tree fanatic), I did not realise there where 8 types until AV8TOR1 sent me the link, its similar to a custard apple, we grow them all the same, as well as star fruit and star apple, also many citrus like these conditions, but I should add my Asimina is yet to fruit, its only 2years old so perhaps age is the reason, mangosteen is another that likes my listed conditions (the purple one not the false yellow)
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Ahh fruit, so many different types, so many yummy flavors!

4 seed packs left!
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Today is Wednesday the 9th, I am closing this Saturday the 12th.
Claim your seeds now!
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Dunno if anybody's seen this article but I think it's a killer read. I have thought for a while that pawpaws are one of the fruits that have lost their disperser. http://arnoldia.arboretum.harvard.edu/pdf/articles/618.pdf

Just wanted to pop that in... don't want any seeds though. I've tasted pawpaws and they are kinda taste like if you ate a bell pepper that was stuffed with banana puree and massive seeds. Beautiful tree too!!! The bark is insanely tough and fibrous... you can rip it straight down the trunk in one piece. I made a hatchet using pawpaw bark as a binder and it worked great.